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Details herein entail rules and regulations pertaining to official travel 


1. All official travels must be approved by the management. An employee intending to travel must fill in the travel request form and submit to the authorizing officer. Link to the form is provided below.

2. The form is in PDF format and can be filled and signed using Adobe Reader DC. Seek for support incase you are not familiar with the software. Upon approval staff will be eligible to travel and entitled to Per diem. Currently, the per diem is 120,000 TZS. Staff will receive half of the per diem on the day they travel back to their duty stations


3. Upon returning to the office, a staff will be required to produce and submit a Return To Office Report (RTOR) within one week after returning to office. The report must be approved before any sort of retirement of expenses can be made. Without the report and subsequent retirement, the following salary will be withheld until the amount paid as travel expenses is recovered. Templates can be downloaded below:

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